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Its been over a year and I dont know what the fuck is wrong with me or why you’re all I think about. I just can’t fucking handle it anymore. I haven’t gone one fucking day without you crossing my mind. I don’t know why this is still happening. I just keep driving around hoping ill see you. I still have dreams about kissing you.
I don’t even know what I would say if I could talk to you. I would just tell you about how I dont know what to do anymore?! I don’t know why this is happening!!??? Why can’t I move on?! I don’t find anyone else attractive!! Everyone pales in comparison!! Whenever I think its over and im over you I have another dream about you!!
I cant move on and part of me doesn’t want to anymore because its not worth the fucking fight.
I can’t go to college feeling this way about you. I cant look at other boys with apathy anymore. I don’t even want you I just want to stop thinking about you.
Fuck this.

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holy shit I love this photo so much

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southwest coast by Keitha Haycock [cocteau.triplet] on Flickr.

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